PhD Scholarship – Cancer Therapeutics Lab : University of Queensland Australia

The Cancer Therapeutics Lab headed by Dr. Sherry Wu is interested in developing novel nano-therapeutic methods to overcome immune suppression in ovarian cancer. The high recurrence rate is a major challenge in the clinical management of high grade serous ovarian cancer. While stimulating our own immune system to recognise and attack tumour cells represents an attractive means to facilitate complete elimination of tumours, emerging data suggest that many of the immunotherapy tools, such as immune checkpoint inhibitors, are minimally active in ovarian cancer. We aim to develop effective strategies to enhance the infiltration and function of cytotoxic T lymphocytes in ovarian tumours and to develop clinically feasible means to monitor T-lymphocytes activity in tumours following therapy. Ultimately, strategies developed in this project could harness the power of the immune system to eliminate tumours and significantly increase the survival of patients with ovarian cancer.


Applicants should possess an appropriate qualification for entry into the PhD training scheme at University of Queensland, and should have prior relevant research experience.

Publish Date: April 11, 2018
Institute Name: Faculty of Medicine
Degree/Course: PhD
Deadline: May 10, 2018
Country: Queensland - Australia
Course Start:
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