PhD research fellowship in design: Everyday life in circular futures

The PhD will be based at the Department of Design (ID) in Trondheim. The department consists of two groups, one located in Trondheim and one in Gjøvik, and has around 25 faculty in full-time positions and nine PhD candidates (see Research at ID contributes to NTNU’s strategic research areas sustainability, health and oceans, with main emphasis on design for sustainability and interaction design, the latter with application areas in the health and maritime sector. Other interest areas include media innovation, information design and applied aesthetics.
Design for sustainability research at the department addresses the role of design in fostering a sustainable everyday life, socially sustainable innovation, sustainability transitions, and implementation of design for sustainability in professional environments. Thematically, the PhD position is related to research on everyday practices and sustainability transitions, and to ongoing PhD research on the circular economy conducted in the context of the 3-year Marie Curie ITN Circ€uit – the Circular European Economy Innovative Training Network (
  • The position requires a Master’s degree (by 1 July 2018) in industrial design, service design or another relevant field, for example within social science.
  • Preference will be given to applicants with documented experience with qualitative research methods, academic writing and/or design approaches.
  • Previous experience with areas relevant to the project (e.g. design for sustainability, sustainable consumption, sustainability transitions, circular economy, social theory, futures studies, and participatory design or co-design) will be emphasised.
Publish Date:
Institute Name: The Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Deadline: April 08, 2008
Country: PhD
Course Start:
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