Fully Funded PhD Scholarship in Atomic and Molecular Physics

Field of Cold Collisions

The DFG-funded International Research Training Group “Cold Controlled Ensembles of Atoms and Molecules” at the University of Freiburg offers
1 PhD Position in the field of Cold Collisions.

The experimental project is aimed at studying quantum-state-controlled Penning collisions between lithium atoms and metastable helium atoms at low collision energies, e.g., to study the influence of electron-spin polarization on the reaction rate and to observe quantum resonance effects. For this, we use an experimental apparatus, which consists of a metastable helium discharge source and a magneto-optical trap (MOT) for ultracold lithium atoms.


  • Excellent MSc graduates with a strong background in experimental Atomic and Molecular Physics or Physical Chemistry.
  • Experience in the use of diode lasers and high-vacuum equipment is advantageous.
Publish Date:
Institute Name: Albert- Ludwigs Universität
Degree/Course: PhD
Deadline: March 31, 2018
Country: Germany
Course Start:
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