Fully Funded PhD Scholarship – Chemistry

In the Co2perate project, we aim to develop new catalysts that are centred on Earth abundant metals to facilitate the transformation of CO2 into value-added chemicals. More specifically, one molecule that is targeted for synthesis is formic acid. A motivated PhD student is sought out to actively contribute to the scientific development of the project both from an operational and intellectual aspect. Only highly motivated individual need apply.

Carbon capture and utilization are considered key routes to mitigate CO2 emissions. Organometallic complexes can play an important role in facilitating the conversion of CO2 into complex organic compounds. Within a Flanders-wide consortium including several international leading companies we are investigating the use of organometallic complexes for CO2 use, employing different approaches in terms of energy source. As part of the SBO project CO2PERATE, the PhD project thus will; focus on the catalytic conversion of CO2 to chemicals and formic acid specifically.


  • The applicant must hold a Masters degree in chemistry with experience in synthesis, organic , organometallic or inorganic.
  • Be familiar with modern spectroscopic techniques, NMR, IR, UV-vis and preferentially be familiar with Schlenk and air-sensitive handling techniques.
  • The work will be executed in Cazin and Nolan groups at Ghent University, Belgium
Publish Date:
Institute Name: Ghent University, Belgium
Degree/Course: PhD
Deadline: April 15, 2018
Country: Belgium
Course Start:
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