Fully Funded PhD Scholarship

Nudging children towards healthier food choice

The Wageningen University in Netherland has a PhD position available within the ITN Marie Curie Project. The rise in childhood obesity is a worrying trend, also in relation to its concomitant increase in rates of associated non-communicable diseases. There is a need for new approaches to drive children to like and actively choose healthy foods, developing healthier habits. One such approach, central to the present project is that of nudging approaches that could be utilized in school settings. Nudging builds on “tweaking the choice environment”, or choice architecture of schools, in such a way that it is more likely that children will select the healthier option, often without realizing it, as a result of how the choice environment has been developed.

Nudging within the eating environment of pre-adolescent children is central to this research project as it is believed a way forward in helping children to develop healthier food habits.


  • A university degree (MSc) in a food consumer behavior relevant field (e.g. consumer science, public health, marketing, social psychology, behavioral economics)
  • Affinity and demonstrable experience with quantitative research methods
  • Affinity with food consumption research and the impact of intake on overweight and obesity
  • Openness and willingness to collaborate with partners from other European countries and scientific disciplines
  • Availability and willingness to travel and work in different places in the world
  • Clear scientific ambition in the conduct and publication of research work
  • Good control of English (both verbally and written) and preferably also Dutch
  • A group-social, critical and positive learning attitude towards achieving excellence
Publish Date:
Institute Name: Wageningen University, Netherland
Degree/Course: PhD
Deadline: May 20, 2018
Country: Wageningen, Netherland
Course Start:
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