Fully Funded PhD Position: “Gene regulation on natural and synthetic chromosomes”

Research at the center follows the two-pronged approach – building to understand and understanding to build – to gain insights into the basic principles of microbial life and to provide the fundamental knowledge and tools needed to tap in novel ways the potential of microorganisms as cell factories or sensor/reporter systems. Since its foundation, the center has grown to become a major, internationally visible research institution that today represents one of the hot spots of research in quantitative and synthetic microbiology in Europe.

With the synthesis of artificial chromosomes new challenges arise. A central challenge is the impact on transcrip-tion for genes in a newly assembled chromosome. The altered genetic context modulates gene expression and therefore rewires the regulatory system. In order to determine rules for chromosome assembly, we will apply a newly developed CRISPR/Cas system to globally rearrange native chromosomes and detect regulatory perturba-tions via DNA- and RNA-seq analysis.


  • The successful candidate must hold a MSc, Diploma or a related qualification in Biology.
  • The candidate should demonstrate a very good record and should have proper skills in Genetics and Microbiology.
  • Practical experience in the laboratory is mandatory. Knowledge in the disciplines of Transcriptomics and Genetics are welcome but can be acquired in the course of the project.
Publish Date:
Institute Name: Philipps-Universität Marburg • Marburg
Degree/Course: PhD
Country: Germany
Course Start:
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