Fully funded 04 PhD scholarships positions in Bioinformatics – Germany

Applications are invited from International and German students for 04 Fully funded PhD Scholarships positions in Bioinformatics at the Bielefeld Institute for Bioinformatics Infrastructure, Bielefeld University, Germany.


The graduate school “Digital Infrastructure in the Life Sciences” (DILS) of the newly established “Bielefeld Institute for Bioinformatics Infrastructure” (BIBI) at Bielefeld University, Germany, offers four PhD scholarship positions for 03 years, 100% TV-L E13.

The institute’s research program focuses on scientific and service aspects in the area of bioinformatics infrastructure in close cooperation with the “German Network for Bioinformatic Infrastructure” (de.NBI) as well as the “Information Centre for Life Sciences” (ZB MED).

The qualification program of the DILS graduate school includes a joint research program, dedicated courses, workshops, retreats, etc.


Applicants can apply to any of the following projects:

Project 1: Machine learning approaches for the characterization of biological systems

Project 2: Data-driven models for bioimage representation, exploration and management

Project 3: Software for Computational Pan-genomics

Project 4: Whole-genome Analysis of Natural Selection based on Haploblocks

Project 5: Deep Generative Models for Structure Learning in Metagenomics

Project 6: Analysis of DNA Modifications for Metagenomic Binning and Epigenetics using Long Read Sequencing Technologies

Project 7: Bioinformatics solutions for microbiome meta-transcriptome analyses


To be eligible for Scholarships positions, an applicant must:

  • Demonstrate broad background in the interdisciplinary field of Bioinformatics in general and deep knowledge in the area they apply for
  • Good communication skills and knowledge of the English language is required, whereas German is not necessary


To apply for 04 Fully funded PhD Scholarships positions in Bioinformatics, applicants must submit the following documents with application:

  • Letter of application: Stating your motivation, qualification, main scientific experiences, and a brief outline of your current and future scientific interests (1 page)
  • Short tabular CV: Data should be in tabular form, maximum 2 pages, including start and end dates (mm/yyyy) where applicable
  • List your personal information, contact details, languages, and all relevant secondary education, profession and trainings after leaving high school (college, Gymnasium etc.)
  • Include a list of Conferences you attended, your honors/prizes (e.g. Scholarships), and your publications, including thesis (title), journal publications (citations only), conference talks (title and conference) and posters
  • Handicapped or severely handicapped persons should indicate this status in the CV to be accounted for
  • Transcript of records, including:
    • 1st university degree or intermediate examination (e.g. B.Sc., Vordiplom)
    • 2nd university degree (e.g. Master, Diploma), or intermediate results if in progress
    • if applicable: transcript of additional university degree(s)

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Publish Date:
Institute Name: Bielefeld University
Degree/Course: PhD
Deadline: July 31, 2019
Country: Germany
Course Start: October , 2019
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