Fully Funded 02 PhD Scholarships in Environmental Physics – Germany

Satellite remote sensing of greenhouse (CO2, CH4) and air pollution (CO) gases

Applications are invited for 02 Fully Funded PhD Scholarships in Environmental Physics at The Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP), the University of Bremen, Germany.

The department “Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere” of the Institute of Environmental Physics of the University of Bremen is among the leading scientific institutions in the area of Satellite remote sensing of atmospheric trace gases relevant for climate, air pollution and ozone chemistry. The spectral measurements of these satellites contain key information, which can be retrieved using appropriate algorithms, about trace gases relevant for climate and air pollution. The new data from S5P will allow the study of emissions with unprecedented spatial resolution.

The department is primarily interested in the atmospheric distribution and the (surface) sources and sinks of the atmospheric gases; Carbon dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4) and Carbon monoxide (CO). The focus is on satellite and aircraft data and their interpretation.

In particular, we are working on scientific retrieval algorithms in order to produce scientific data products from satellite (SCIAMACHY, GOSAT, OCO-2, S5P) and aircraft data (MAMAP). We are also working on future satellite missions such as Sentinel-5 and the planned European anthropogenic CO2 monitoring mission (“Sentinel-7”) (see also CarbonSat).

Scholars are required to take one of the following PhD research projects:

Project 1

Analysis of Sentinel-5-Precursor spectra and derived global distributions of Carbon monoxide and Methane to detect and quantify emissions of localized sources

Project 2

Application and optimization of the retrieval method Python-FOCAL to generate high-quality long-term global CO2 datasets from satellites (esp. GOSAT and OCO-2) for climate applications including interpretation

The Institute of Environmental Physics is very well connected with the international research community and provides a stimulating, international, and pleasant work environment for PhD Scholars.


Applicants are required to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Masters degree in Physics, Astrophysics or Meteorology
  • Good knowledge in at least one of the following areas: Satellite Remote Sensing, Radiative Transfer, Inversion Theory, Numerical modelling of complex systems
  • Good programming skills in at least one high level programming language (ideally Python) and good knowledge of Linux (including shell scripting)
  • Strong interest to work in the field of satellite remote sensing of the atmosphere
  • Good communication skills as cooperation with various European partners is required
  • Good knowledge of the English and German languages in writing and speaking


Applicants are required to submit the following documents with application

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Transcripts of degree
  • List of Publication, if any

Applicants can contact Dr. Michael Buchwitz, Tel. +49 421 218 62086, buchwitz@uni-bremen.de for  questions concerning T1 and T2.


Publish Date:
Institute Name: University of Bremen
Degree/Course: PhD
Deadline: March 22, 2018
Country: Germany
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