Media Campaigns for Development and Social Change

Triggering lasting behavioural and social change

Is your aim to trigger lasting behavioural and social change? In this course you explore the ingredients of successful development campaigns and learn how to create the right campaign for your target audience.

The media campaigns course takes a look at the ingredients of successful campaigns, so that you learn to apply proven methods to new situations. As a result, you will know how to create the right campaign for your target audiences, triggering lasting behavioral and social change.

In this course, we explore the combination of the theories and practices needed to make real, measurable impacts, independently from the media campaign aim and the chosen platforms and formats.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:
<li>You are an experienced (minimum 3 years) media professional or communications expert working for a development NGO.</li>
<li>You are able to provide the original proof (or a properly certified copy) of your most recent educational qualification in secondary or higher education.</li>
<li>You have sufficient skills in spoken and written English as this is the working language for our courses.</li>

Publish Date:
Institute Name: RNTC
Degree/Course: 3 Weeks Course
Country: Netherlands
Course Start:
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