09 PhD Scholarships positions in Medicine – Norway

Applications are invited for Fully Funded 09 PhD Scholarships positions in Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Bergen, Norway.


At the Faculty of Medicine, nine (09) PhD Scholarships positions are available. Applicants from the Medical Student Research Programme at the faculty, finishing their degree autumn 2019, are especially welcome to apply. You may apply for both open and earmarked positions. Please inform which position/positions you are applying for in your application letter.

The positions are full-time (100 %) positions and the applicants will be appointed for a period of four (04) years or max four (04) months after completed the PhD degree, if this is achieved within a shorter time than four years. The positions include 25 % required duties such as development, teaching, exam work or supervision, depending on the demands at the department/centre.

The positions will be affiliated with a department at the faculty relevant for the project.


It is possible to combine a part-time (50 %) PhD position with another part-time (50 %) position. The total employment period for these combined positions amounts to six (06) years. This must be informed of in the application and must be approved by both employers within starting date.

Two (2) positions are open PhD-grants

The positions are available for applicants with a Master`s degree relevant for the research at the faculty.

One (1) position is earmarked applicants from Stavanger/Haugesund/Førde

The project must be affiliated to a co-operating research environment at the Health Trusts in Stavanger, Haugesund or Førde. It is a prerequisite that the main supervisor is employed at the Faculty of Medicine throughout the PhD employment period.

Up to six (6) PhD-positions are earmarked for applicants that have participated in The Medical Student Research Program

In connection with these positions, applicants are employed on a quota basis, requiring applicants with a completed medical degree (cand.med.) or a master`s degree in odontology (cand.odont.). These positions are only available for participants who have completed the Medical Student Research Program.

It is a requirement that you enter upon the position directly after the completion of your degree. Applicants who graduate during fall 2019 enter upon the position 1 February 2020, applicants who graduate during spring 2020 enter upon the position 1 September 2020. The successful applicants are employed in a full-time (100 %) position for a period of three (03) years, where the time for a completed training component in the organized research training (PhD program) will be deducted, or until max four (04) months after the application period or after completed the PhD degree.

These PhD Scholarships positions do not entail duties in the form of obligatory teaching, but the successful candidates are obliged to work in connection with the Medical Student Training Program for up to 20 hours a year. This line of work is connected to recruitment, public relations and similar, depending on agreement with the Head of the Medical Student Research Program.


Successful applicants will receive the following benefits:

  • Exciting development opportunities as part of your role in a strong professional environment
  • Salary level 54 (code 1017/pay framework 20.10) NOK 479,600 on the government salary scale. For applicants with at least one year of employment in a position as a General Practitioner or Dentist level 56 NOK 496,100 on the government salary scale. Further increases in salary will be based on seniority in the position. For applicants with specialist education level 59 NOK 523,200 on the government salary scale
  • Enrolment in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund
  • Good welfare benefits


To be eligible for Scholarships position, an applicant must:

  • Professional education or a Masters’ degree relevant for research areas at the faculty.
  • Applicants whose education is from other countries need to also enclose a certified translation of the diploma and transcript of grades to English or a Scandinavian language, if the original is not in any of these languages. It is required that the applicant enclose a review from NOKUT whether the education is of a scope and level corresponding to the level of a Norwegian Master’s degree. Please see www.nokut.no/en for more information about NOKUT’s general recognition. This will take some time and we recommend you to contact NOKUT as soon as you decide to apply for the position. If no review by the application deadline, please enclose a confirmation from NOKUT that they have received your application.
  • Proficiency in English Language : http://www.uib.no/en/med/115526/english-language-requirements-phd-admission


To apply for 09 PhD Scholarships positions in Medicine, an applicant must submit following documents with application:

  • Curriculum Vitae (max 04 pages) using the following template http://www.uib.no/med/65433/ledige-stillinger
  • Project description, maximum six pages, including summary and references. The project description must include topic, problem for discussion and choice of theory and method, template: http://www.uib.no/med/65433/ledige-stillinger
  • Witnessed certified copies of diplomas and transcripts of all academic grades
  • Possible scientific work (pdf) and list of publications

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Institute Name: University of Bergen
Degree/Course: PhD
Deadline: September 22, 2019
Country: Norway
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