03 PhD Scholarships in Comparative Political Science & Political Anthropology – Germany

Secularity, Islam, and Democracy in Indonesia and Turkey

Applications are invited for 03 Fully Funded PhD Scholarships (candidates) in comparative Political Science & Political Anthropology/Sociology, with a focus on Indonesia and/or Turkey at Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany.


The proposed PhD research project explores phases of democratization and authoritarianization of contemporary Indonesia and Turkey from a comparative perspective. Combining a focus on religious identity and authority with a focus on socio-economic developments in the education and health care sector, and in urban development, the project seeks to contribute to the literature of comparative democracy and democratization.

The applicants will be expected to carry out a study of the role of religious authority and authorities in one of the three sectors (health care, education, urban development) based on extensive literature study, media analysis, interviews, participant observation, and/or archival research, in Indonesia and/or Turkey. Highly proficient reading and speaking skills in Indonesian or Turkish are essential, as well as the ability to travel to the respective sites. The ideal applicants should possess good knowledge of political theory, comparative politics, and democratization, as well as of the respective literature on their country of focus. 

The exact title and case studies of the project will be determined together by the research project leader and the applicant. The case studies can, but do not necessarily need to be comparative.


Successful applicants will receive the following benefits:

  • 65 % of German Salary Tarif TVöD 13, translates into between EUR 1400 and 1600 per month after tax, depending on personal circumstances (taxation differs)
  • Employment as PhD Student/Research Assistant for 36 months


To be eligible for PhD Scholarships, an applicant must:

  • Master’s degree in Politics, Sociology, or related Social Science
  • Excellent Indonesian or Turkish reading skills, mother tongue level or near
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent proficiency in English language (reading, writing, speaking)
  • Ability to take initiative and work independently
  • Capacity to handle a heavy workload over the entire period
  • Willingness to work in a team
  • Research experience
  • Ability to travel to the respective field site
  • Good knowledge of political or sociological theory
  • Good knowledge/experience of qualitative and/or comparative research


To apply for 03 Fully Funded PhD Scholarships (candidates) in comparative Political Science & Political Anthropology/Sociology, an applicant must submit following documents with application:

  • A motivational letter explaining how the applicant will fit into the research project
  • A two to four pages project proposal, outlining a research question, a literature review, a methodology section, and a project timeline
  • Certificates, transcript(s)
  • Full Curriculum Vitae, including contact details of two or three referees

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Publish Date:
Institute Name: Humboldt University of Berlin
Degree/Course: PhD
Deadline: August 29, 2019
Country: Germany
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