02 Fully Funded Postdoctoral researchers in Neuroscience – Neuroimaging

To understand how our nervous system functions and the mechanisms underlying its disorders is an outstanding challenge for biomedical research. At the Department of Neuroscience, we are working hard to increase our knowledge and insights into this area as well as into large areas of our musculoskeletal system and its disorders. A major objective with our research is to develop novel strategies to prevent and treat diseases and injuries in the nervous system and musculoskeletal system. By participating in different educational programs and courses, scientists at the Department communicate their knowledge to a wide range of future professional specialists – for example nurses, physicians, physiotherapists, speech pathologists and biomedical researchers.

The postdoctoral researcher will investigate brain structure and function of healthy subjects as well as psychiatric patients, with a special focus on women´s mental health. Multimodal neuroimaging data analysis and interpretation will be the primary responsibility of the successful applicant. Additionally, participation in the general duties of the team and collaboration with other team members are expected.


  • A PhD in bioinformatics, neuroimaging, computational neuroscience or equivalent is required.
  • Applicant’s Ph.D. degree must have been obtained no more than three years prior to the application date
Publish Date:
Institute Name: Uppsala University
Degree/Course: Postdoctoral
Country: Sweden
Course Start:
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