Research Associate: Neuroscientist / Electrophysiologist of the visual system

The Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology Basel (IOB) is seeking a highly qualified research scientist with emphasis in the area of electrophysiology and functional imaging in the retina.
Advances in electrophysiology and functional imaging are redefining our understanding of vision. At IOB, this knowledge is being translated to better understand the function and dysfunction of the retina and to design new therapies for blinding diseases. The research scientist will apply her/his electrical recording and functional imaging skills to help solve cutting-edge problems in visual systems neuroscience that will have a wide impact on science and clinical practice.
IOB is a research institute combining basic and clinical research. Its mission is to drive innovations in understanding vision and its diseases and develop new therapies for vision loss. It is a place where your expertise will be valued, your abilities challenged, and your knowledge expanded.


  • Master a battery of physiological characterizations and apply them in a variety of experimental contexts in support of diverse projects
  • Maintain experimental setups for physiological recordings in excellent working order
  • Involvement in the implementation, optimization, and documentation of new experimental protocols
  • Project scheduling to allow timely responses to generic and specific requests from ongoing projects
  • Enable knowledge-spread and cross-training within IOB
  • Prepare written reports and presentations for internal use and publication


  • PhD in a scientific or engineering subject (neuroscience, physics, electrical engineering, computer science, or similar) with wet lab experience in electrophysiology or functional imaging
  • Experience in optics and light microscopy. Preferred experience in the design and implementation of apparatuses for visual stimulation
  • Experience in surgery/ microdissection
  • Good data analysis and visualization skills
  • Excellent oral and written English communication skills
Publish Date:
Institute Name: University of Basel
Deadline: April 30, 2018
Country: Switzerland
Course Start:
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