Professor of Microbiology – Roskilde Universitet (RUC) Norway

Applications are invited for a position as Professor with special responsibilities (MSO) within Microbiology by the Department of Science and Environment, Roskilde University, Norway. The position as Professor (MSO) is limited to a period of 5 years with remuneration as Associate Professor.

Department of Science and Environment is one of four departments at Roskilde University. The department conducts basic and applied research within;

  • Medical Biology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Environmental Sciences and,
  • Mathematics

Bachelor and master programs are offered within these areas.

The Molecular & Medical Biology group conducts research and teaches in basic Molecular Biology topics often combined with a biomedical or application-oriented angle. The research group works in both eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms with research within host-pathogen interactions, antimicrobial peptides, bacterial physiology, cell-biology, cancer development, structural characterizations of proteins, metabolic disorders using a variety of molecular and biochemical techniques. The department has state-of-the-art equipment facilities such as Fluorescence Confocal Microscopy, HPLC, NMR, cell-culturing, NGS platform, Mass-spectrometry, GMO2 and Biosafety level 2 laboratories.


The successful applicants main tasks will be;

  • To develop the field of research and to undertake research and research-based teaching within Medical Microbiology and bacteria-host interactions.
  • Expected to develop and publish a significant record of publications, inspire research accomplishment and to nurture a research culture within the research group
  • Expected to secure external research funding, and participate actively in research networks
  • Required to teach, supervise and assess students at BSc and MSc levels as well as PhD students
  • Required to participate in post-doctoral training and be responsible for the supervision of Assistant Professors as well as take part in academic assessments
  • Required to share knowledge with the rest of society – including participation in public debate
  • Expected to contribute to management and leadership through engagement in the Department
  • Develop the field of research by establishing and provide external funding for a research group
  • Undertake research and research-based teaching in medical and molecular microbiology
  • Have experience with education in relation to projects and multidisciplinary work


The applicants are required to have and Qualifications within one or more of the following scientific areas are required;

  • A PhD degree or equivalent within Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedicine or Medicine
  • Documented scientific qualifications such as an Associate Professor
  • Bacteria-host interactions
  • Bacterial infections
  • Meta-genomics
  • Bacterial genetics
  • Bacterial cell biology
  • Molecular biology
  • Possess good communication skills and be a visible, involved participant in the Department’s daily activities, in addition to being willing to engage in disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaboration across the department
  • Able to teach in English immediately and learn Danish no later than 3 years following appointment to ensure satisfactory participation in teaching activities as well as in academic and administrative activities at the university
  • Strong national and international network and have good track record of obtaining national as well as international grants


  • The employment is on full time, 37 hours per week, and you will refer to Head of Department.
  • The position will be filled according to the Agreement between the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC) and Job Structure for Academic Staff at Universities.
  • Starting salary for professor (MSO) will be minimum DKK 555.455,- per year(1st April 2018 level) plus pension contribution (17,1 %)
  • On the expiry of the professorship period, the applicant is ensured employment and remuneration as an Associate Professor



Publish Date:
Institute Name: Roskilde University
Deadline: August 15, 2018
Country: Norway
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