Lecturer (Tenure Track) Environmental Economics

he Environmental Economics Research group is an international academic leader in sustainability assessments of clean technologies and valuation of ecosystem services, and a visible source of robust science-driven advice in these domains. The group focuses on addressing empirical questions with a high societal urgency, for example related to global climate change and loss of biodiversity. The group publishes in top-ranked academic journals and is represented in national and international scientific and policy advisory boards. Currently, it consists of 3 professors, 4 postdoctoral associates, 12 PhD researchers and 5 research affiliates. The complexity of environmental issues requires multidisciplinarity and the research group is therefore part of the Centre for Environmental Sciences (CMK), where it works with researchers from biology, ecology, biomedicine, chemistry and law in multidisciplinary projects.

Education task

The teaching responsibility can include courses in the field of microeconomics, environmental economics and the economics of technology within the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs of the faculty of Business Economics. You will also contribute to the development of the pedagogical framework.


You will help strengthen the existing research portfolio of the Environmental Economics research group. You will lead economic, as well as interdisciplinary research projects with a strong empirical focus within the research group and CMK, in collaboration with scientific partners inside and outside Hasselt University. Important objectives are the realization of publications in leading academic journals, the extension of the existing research network and the supervision of doctoral students.


  • You have a doctoral degree in applied economics, economics, environmental economics, or in another field related to the focus areas of the research group (or equivalent)
  • You have a high-quality research profile that fits strongly to the current scope of the research group as outlined under background, and that shows that you have potential to publish in internationally recognized academic journals.
  • You have experience to work within an interdisciplinary environment of economists and scientists/engineers.
  • Your track record of successful grant applications, with experience in acquiring grants from Flemish, Belgian and European agencies is an advantage.
  • You have excellent teaching, communication and organizational skills in order to provide excellent teaching in the Bachelor and Master programs of the faculty of Business Economics.
  • Your experience in empirical modeling of systems (as opposed to modeling of specific micro-cases) and in creating relevant datasets for the domains of interest to the research group are advantages.
  • Your experience in doctoral supervision is an advantage.
  • Academic staff must meet the statutory language requirements for knowledge of the language of instruction (Dutch). If necessary, Hasselt University offers concrete, tailored support measures to help achieve the required language level.
Publish Date:
Institute Name: Hasselt University
Deadline: May 15, 2018
Country: Belgium
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